“ After 2 reconstructive knee surgeries in my 20s, I had been left with a lot of day to day pre-arthritic aches, pains and stiffness here in my mid-30s. Although normal it was a bit stifling at times. The Kaya Vida line has changed everything for me. Within 2 weeks,  it relieved all of my chronic knee pain and I am back to doing yoga full time. Overall, I  feel mentally and physically in a better place than I've been in a long, long time.”

Bobby Mathias
Longmont CO

"What an amazing product! My wife and I have both felt a significant improvement in our general well-being, slept more soundly, and gotten great lasting relief from the topicals for sore joints. We've used the full-spectrum tincture 2x daily for months now and have welcomed markedly heightened moods that sustain us through the day. There's no one I wouldn't recommend making this CBD part of their health regimen, we plan on re-upping every month!"

John Allen
Dallas TX

"As a breast cancer survivor I’ve tried many different CBD products on the market and Kaya Vida is my all time favorite for several reasons. High quality, delightful taste, beyond satisfactory results!"

Evvie Condit
Denver CO

"As I am sensitive to Rx drugs I have found that the full spectrum CBD oil has brought on a calming effect to my Anxiety and unjustified stress. All the oils taste delicious as well and I feel I have received the added benefit of being ''Regular'' in the toiletry department as well.  That was the classiest way I could say it. Definitely a quality product."

Analisa Vickroy
Denver CO

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