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BRYTR Farms is a small-scale regenerative hemp flower farm in Buena Vista, Colorado. It was founded in 2019 by brothers Brady and Troy Karlin who have been studying and implementing permaculture design and regenerative agriculture since 2006. “BRYTR aims to grow the highest quality beyond-organic medicinal hemp flower in Colorado”. The farm just received their Sun+Earth Certification as of December 5th 2019, the most regenerative standard in the cannabis industry for sun and soil grown hemp. BRYTR Farms hand selects the best genetics for a well-rounded full spectrum hemp flower, high in CBD, CBG and CBC. They use native soil mixed with local compost and grow a variety of strains from seed and clone. The plants are watered with filtered well water and tended to entirely by hand. They feed the plants with Biodynamic compost tea brewed on site. The farm uses Biodynamic preparations and compost to build a healthy and vibrant soil-food web and to aid with Integrated Pest Management (IPM). All of the flower is hand trimmed and slow-cured in glass jars for a minimum of 30 days, for maximum terpene profile and an artisan unparalleled quality.

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