Who We Are

Kaya Vida was founded by a husband and wife who met in Austin Texas and moved to Colorado in 2009.  Being in Colorado we have been lucky to have access to these amazing oils and isolate for years and benefit from the balance and well being that they can bring.  We had been making our own creams and elixirs for our family from kombucha to kim chi for years and prefer the quality and freshness of small-batch products.  After seeing how many companies out there were making things like gummies and using sub-par ingredients for their carrier oils and flavor additives, we thought this would be a great niche to incorporate our standards of quality and be able to offer it to everyone.  My wife and I have spent close to a year developing our entire organic cbd line as well as sourcing only the highest quality sustainable ingredients available.  Each product has been tested and tweaked to get them just how we want and to offer the most benefit to you.  We are genuinely proud of each and every one of our products and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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